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2022 Wedding Trends

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Predicting the trends for the new year is a lovely wedding industry tradition. It gives couples an idea of some fun things they can include in their planning. It also gives experts like us a chance to showcase how well we know the wedding industry.

Things are, however, a bit different with 2022. As a result of the pandemic in 2019/2020, the world as we know it has changed. The wedding industry has been affected alongside it, and so have the trends. Everyone has had to navigate these changes in different ways.

One thing we've noticed is that couples have become a lot more intentional about their celebrations. Everyone is now aware of how important time spent with loved ones is. This has affected many wedding details, including things like décor and even guest numbers.

Are you a vendor or a couple planning for a wedding in 2022? What are your thoughts concerning what couples will be paying attention to in the coming year? Here are some of our predictions for 2022 wedding trends.

Unbelievable Wedding Venues

A restriction on travel has brought a lot of creativity into choosing a wedding venue. While we've seen an increase in backyard and registry celebrations in 2021, there's been more. We've also seen some of the most fantastic wedding venues come to light, and we expect the same in 2022.

From private estates to fabulous Airbnb's couples have worked with wedding planners and décor companies to create magic. We're seeing breathtaking wedding spaces becoming more popular as more couples go for out-of-the-norm options.

Some popular locations where we've seen these include beaches, mountains, forests, and even big cities. They, however, have one thing in common. Guests don't have to break out their passports to attend. Some may even be surprised to discover that the fantastic venue is a few minutes away.


It's been happening for a while, but 2020 and 2021 saw an increase in modern wedding features. We'll be seeing the same for 2022. We're talking about things like the use of less formal language on wedding invites, for example.

Other modern details we expect to see include, mix and match bridesmaid wears, groomsmaids and man-of-honors. Gone are the days when couples split their wedding party solely on gender. Weddings are now more about being together as a family than following traditional norms.

Weekday Weddings

The backlog of weddings from 2020 and 2021 will continue to make weekday weddings a norm in 2022. While this may mean your guests have to put in a bit more effort to be present, there are many rewards.

Some of these benefits include more availability and cheaper rates. Couples are delighted to find that their favorite vendor who is booked out for weekend dates can slot in their weekday celebration.

Weekday weddings are also great for couples who have a small guest list. You could even turn your celebration into a multiday party that extends into the weekend. The smaller guest list means you'll be inviting only those closest to you.

Digital Wedding Invites

Digital wedding invites are another wedding trend that came with the pandemic. However, couples have gotten a hold of it and seem not to be letting go anytime soon. We completely understand why, of course. With the uncertainty of wedding dates during the pandemic, digitals are easier to edit.

Digital invites also come with lots of other advantages. They are stress-free to send and make collating your RSVP even easier. All are available to you at just the click of a button. Digital invites are also budget-friendly and sustainable. You can also combine with a few physical copies.

Different Perspectives

Couples in 2022 will be taking a different approach to weddings. This trend is a continuation of the same in 2021. Everyone is now aware of how meaningful social interactions are.

This new awareness will be evident in everything from the décor to the wedding ceremony and reception activities. Couples will be going for more guest-friendly options that are guaranteed to give everyone a good time.

Another important manifestation of this mindset will be personalization. Couples in 2022 will be showcasing a bit more of themselves and their love story to guests. This will be evident in the wedding décor, reception menu, and other details.

Vintage Romance

Thanks to Bridgerton, which we've all fallen in love with, we'll be seeing a lot more or regency romance in 2022. This will be evident in many details like the wedding fashion, flowers, and décor. We might even see an increase in garden and countryside wedding venue choices.

Vintage weddings have always been trendy, so this will be easy to organize. So, get ready for fabulous flower installations, tailored attires, and the cozy garden wedding reception theme. We might even see some lovely vintage wedding rings thrown in the mix.

Creative Reception Seating

As a result of the pandemic, couples and their wedding planners have had to be creative with seating. One of the popular ways used to overcome this was bubble seating. This was where guests from immediate families could be seated together for the celebration to limit external contact.

Bubble seating then opened the door for many reception seating wedding designs. This trend soon caught on, including gems like gorgeous half-moon seating arrangements and cozy square tables. The ease and beauty this has added to wedding receptions make it easy to predict that we'll be seeing this trend in 2022 too.

In Conclusion

When it comes to weddings in 2022, one thing we can be sure of is that they'll be a lot more relaxed. Think of it as more of a relaxed luxury trend. It could be from the outdoor influence due to the pandemic or the change in perspective. Many weddings will be celebrating relationships and family.

Whatever the reason, the results are wonderful. We'd love to share in the authentic joy and happiness we'll be seeing at weddings in 2022. Weddings have been a lot more refreshing and delightful lately, and we can't wait to see what's in store for 2022.

Here at Unveiled Events & Design, we love helping couples plan and celebrate the wedding of their dreams. That's why we customize all our services to meet your needs and ensure your event is a success. Want to find out more? Then contact us today!

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